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This is similar to a distance Reiki healing session. 

In this session, I connect with the Golden Angelic Ray, which connects through your Soul Star Chakra (about 6 inches above your head) . This will activate your own healing, which will work on four planes: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It will continue a healing and release process that will take place over the next two weeks, which you may or may not feel. 


I will also divine an Archangel that wants to work with you in the healing process. 

**The session takes about 45 minutes.

Angelic Healing Session

  • Thank you for considering an Angelic Healing Session. As you may have gathered it is a bit different to the readings that I offer and I would like to explain to you a little about what it involves 🤍

    I am going to be connecting with the Golden Angelic Ray (from the Lyran Gateway). It connects to you through your Soul Star Chakra (6 inches above your head). Nothing is being “done to you,” but rather, it triggers your own healing and brings in the frequency of compassion. It works on the 4 planes: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It continues a clearing and release process that will take place over the next two weeks, which you may or may not feel. 

    The healing session lasts about 45 minutes. This can be performed at any time. Although it is ideal that we are doing it at the same time, but I understand that may be an issue depending on time zones, work schedules, responsibilities, etc. Energy and time are fluid, so this can be performed while you are asleep or awake, or whenever is convenient for you. 

    It is ideal (but not completely necessary) that you will be able to relax, lay down and close your eyes for about 45 minutes without interruptions.

    After the session I will send you a video recorded message (link) highlighting the insights/messages/visions that came through and which Archangel will be working with you over the next couple of weeks. 

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